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Bastien Piano Methods are the teacher's choice in piano pedagogy. Written by piano teachers for piano teachers, James Bastien, Jane Smisor Bastien, Lisa Bastien, and Lori Bastien apply over 40 years experience to the world's leading piano method.

Piano Party (Book A,B,C &D) is the core book for all four levels of the Bastiens’ Invitation to Music series.All new concepts are introduced in the Piano Party books.

Theory & Ear Training Party books correlate with their respective level Piano Party books. They provide reinforcement of the concepts presented in Piano Party, especially through listening and writing plus improvising and composing activities. Students learn through sequential games and exercises designed to hold their interest.

Performance Party books also correlate with each Piano Party books. They provide additional music for the students to play, and help to refine the skills and musical foundation established in the related Piano Party books.


This Primer series for young beginners (ages 5 – 6) begins with pre-staff notation, and proceeds to reading on the grand staff using a traditional middle C approach. The combination of original, folk, and seasonal songs, and full-color artwork makes learning a treat. Students who complete both Primers A and B are ready for Level 1 of Bastien Piano Basics.



This series is designed to be used in conjunction with Piano for the Young Beginner, Primers A and B. Short pieces, written exercises and technic studies are used to emphasize and reinforce all musical concepts.



Piano is the main lesson book in the Bastien Piano Basics course. The carefully graded, logical learning sequence assures steady, continual progress. Original music by the Bastiens includes a stimulating mixture of pop, folk, classical, and contemporary styles. Full-color illustrations throughout entertain and reinforce musical concepts along the way. The gradual multi-key approach takes students through all 12 keys — 3 in each of Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each page is carefully correlated page-by-page with Theory, Performance, and Technic. All in all, a dynamic way to introduce students to the marvelous world of music!


Theory is the theory workbook portion of the Bastien Piano Basics method. Each book contains written work and short pieces to reinforce the concepts presented in Piano. Games, puzzles, and colorful illustrations make learning fun! Your students will gain a better understanding of the music they are playing, and they will learn more quickly and easily when theory instruction is a regular part of their piano studies. Each page is carefully correlated with Piano, Performance, and Technic.


Performance is the Bastien Piano Basics solo collection series. The enjoyable variety of original tunes, folk songs, and pop styles will spice up piano study, and the delightfully colorful artwork will stimulate the imagination! These solos are perfect performance choices for family, friends, recitals, or festivals. Each page is carefully correlated with Piano, Theory, and Technic. Extremely appealing to today's students and convenient for busy teachers!


Technic is the Bastien PianoBasics technic development series. Use the practical warm-up exercises to start all lessons and practice sessions. Original works by James Bastien, and graded etudes by masters such as Schmitt, Czerny, Hanon, and Lemoine reinforce technique. Each page is carefully correlated with Piano, Performance, and Theory. Your students will develop correct technic from the very beginning.


This appealing course of study for beginners age 12 and up is designed functionally, allowing students to play and harmonize melodies from the beginning. A time-tested chord approach method that really works!


Musicianship for the Older Beginner , a companion volume to The Older Beginner Piano Course, is packed with short theory, technic, and sight reading exercises for additional reinforcement. Instruction is correlated unit-by-unit with the materials in The Older Beginner Piano Course.


Both volumes contain attractive supplementary material divided into six categories: old favorites, Christmas carols, hymns, patriotic songs, classics, and waltzes. The variety of styles in a concise format will yield hours of enjoyment at the keyboard. Each book contains specific page correlations with The Older Beginner Piano Course


Repertoire books feature solos from the Baroque, Classic, Romantic, and Contemporary periods. Descriptions and photographs of architecture, art, keyboard composers and characteristics, and representative forms of music and instruments are included for comparative study.

BOOKS 1 and 2 A Beginning Course: Lessons • Theory • Technic • Sight Reading by Jane Smisor Bastien, Lisa Bastien, and Lori Bastien Everything your adult beginner needs in one book!

  • Lesson pages teach the fundamentals of music.
  • Reinforcement pieces apply new concepts and review old concepts.
  • Theory pages instill understanding and appreciation of music.
  • Technic pages develop good hand positions, coordination, and finger independence.
  • Sight Reading exercises build note reading skills.
  • Challenge Pieces inspire students to strive for higher levels of achievement.
  • Historical Biographies provide interesting details about the master composers' music and lives.
  • CD Accompaniments maximize motivation.
  • Answer Keys allow students to correct their own work.
  • Music selected specifically for adult enjoyment.
  • Chord Vocabulary provides a solid foundation for harmonization and improvisation skills.
  • Gradual Pacing for that adults ensures student success.

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