FOR PARENTS - introducing your child to learning a musicfor parents

We live in a culture in which many people seek instant, or at least fairly quick, gratification. Learning a musical instrument is a long-term undertaking based on the idea of ‘delayed gratification’. That is to say, a lot of work usually needs to go in before very much will come out. Learning to delay gratification is a vital part of developing as human being. But if you, as a parent, are prepared to spend time with your child, being involved in their practice and progress, then they will reap the many wonderful benefits being able to make music offers.

There is a strong correlation between music education and the development of skills that children need to become successful in life. Self-discipline, patience, sensitivity, coordination, and the ability to memorize and concentrate are all enhanced in the study of music. These skills will follow your child on whatever path he or she chooses in life.

Learning music comes from many sources although there is already a personal music teacher. Signing up and registering for music workshops, music festivals, master classes, seminars, etc. Every opportunity must be given to your child to learn and know more. If there should be any competition, it should be a competition to acquire more knowledge and performing skills.

The most important contribution that you can make as a parent is to sit with your child while they’re practising. Children are generally not able to structure a practice session on their own and your input is vital. Your participation comes in the form of family outings to concerts and other musical performances, buying recordings of specific works or performers for your music learning child, etc. These gestures will be seen as encouragement and will be appreciated by your child. If, as parents, you wish to be involved in their musical development, these are some ways to do it though some of you already are.

We welcome you to arrange time to discuss about any aspects of your child's musical development at anytime as a strong partnership between parents and school lies at the heart of everything we aim to do at Robinson School.


Our courses are suitable for children from four years to adult. We also offer Kindermusik Program for children younger than four years of age.



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