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School Opening Times

Monday: Close
Tuesday: 10am - 7pm
Wednesday: 10am - 7pm
Thursday: 10am - 7pm
Friday: 10am - 7pm
Saturday: 8am - 6pm
Sunday: 8am - 5pm

Available Courses

Piano (Classical/Jazz) Saxophone
Violin Guitar
Cello Ukulele
Flute Singing
Oboe Clarinet
Clarinet Music Theory

About Robinson School of Music

  • Robinson School of Music was founded in 1982 and provides a well-rounded musical education both in Practical and Theory of Music to international level. We offer a scheme of tuition suitable for students at different stages of ability in performance and theory. Starting from beginners and leading on to the advanced level. We are particularly concerned that students have a good grasp of musical theory and musicianship as a good grounding for a higher level of interpretative skill to perform the required works convincingly. The School aims at giving every student the best possible chance of becoming an articulate and informed musician. We take great care to match the right student with the right teacher. Outstanding new teachers are regularly recruited. We provide an atmosphere that welcomes everyone and challenges all students to reach their highest potential. The School has been remarkably successful in producing pianists and piano teachers in the country. We believe that an education in music is one of the most enriching experiences a child and adult can enjoy.

    Robinson School of Music is proud to be one of the most comprehensive and exclusive Pianoforte and Theory of Music training in Thailand. It is a happy place, in which students are encouraged to play and experience as much music as possible, embracing a range of different genres and including both solo and ensemble playing. We welcome you to visit our school at any time.

Inside the school