Information for Teachers

Learning Music is all about understanding and appreciating music. While school-going students have their days filled with school, homework, tuition etc., music can be the outlet for relaxation and fun. Parents feel good when their children excel, but not all children are born the same. Children suffer from various types of pressure, stress and anxiety from their own peers at school, parents and elders among others. When it comes to music let them take it in their stride. Donít push them into competition with others. Music is about sharing, not competing. Sometimes, without realising adults could be overly imposing and the child gets propelled into an adultís world. Lost childhood cannot be regained! Childhood learning is always much more successful if it is enjoyable and fun. Music is one medium that has those effects automatically.

While listening to music is enjoyment and uplifting, learning music is something else. Psychologists and research reports say music brings many benefits to the student especially in young children. Some of these benefits include building confidence, developing character and discipline. Music also heightens oneís sensitivity and emotion. Whatever the grooming process entails, music does have much benefits in moulding the person.

The student should be allowed to perform all types of music, from classical to pop. This will bring some cheer to the student especially if allowed to learn and perform their favourite pop tunes. It will be a time for discovery when they can apply their ideas openly. This will contrast well with their classical repertoire and create a good balance in their music education. The studentís musical discovery cannot be ascertained but only through proper tutoring, using a well thought out programme, and if you can warmly wave them on their way, they will always remember their early days with you, which gave them the basis for the rest of their musical lives.

Teacher Application

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Minimum requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in Music, or
  • Equivalent qualifications